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Why are more and more food manufacturers choosing IML packaging?

Why are more and more food manufacturers choosing IML packaging?

Update Time:2019-09-09
In-Mold Packaging - The most futuristic technology in which pre-printed polypropylene (PP) labels are placed directly into the mold and the molten PP is mixed with it. This makes the label an integral part of the container. The container uses the shape of the mold!

The entire food packaging industry relies on this IML technology to make quality ice cream containers, butter containers, yogurt containers, jam containers, cheese containers, food containers, etc. IML label service providers play a vital role at the end of the service. - The main reason why more and more food manufacturers choose IML packaging is its versatility.

IML labels combined with plastic
• Offset printing is available in up to 6 colors.
• Outputs Containers manufactured using the IML labeling process can withstand ultra-low temperatures and can therefore be used as ice cream containers, yogurt containers, butter containers, cheese containers, jam containers and other frozen food containers.
• IML tags can also be customized - up to 3 to 5 faces. This IML technology can even use wraparound facilities.

IML tags are integrated with wood
• Wood dyes, pad printing, typesetting and pyrolysis are the main techniques for attracting food manufacturers because they transfer 2D images to 3D objects (gravure printing)
• Traditional microwave friendly containers.
• Packaging that comes directly into food contact can be laminated to a grease or plastic film.
• IML Label can be integrated with wood-like cardboard, as well as offset and in-line.

IML tags combined with custom design and decoration
• In-mold labeling offers a wide range of design and decorative options, as well as a variety of mold options, such as custom in-mold labels, adhesive labels, sleeves, special shapes and advanced finishing, regardless of the food industry the manufacturer belongs to. Gloss and matte).
• Customized design for rigid packaging for yogurt containers, cooked foods and takeaway meals.
In-mold label combined with tamper-proof packaging
• The final container is tamper-proof (sealable).
• Absolutely reduce external tampering/contaminated food.
• Use tamper-proof technology to reduce labor costs and food waste.

Tamper Evident Packaging topped the list at the time of purchase because of its excellent lithographic printing and high-quality gloss varnish on lids and containers. This packaging prevents any type of removal or waste during the distribution process. Tamper-resistant packaging separates the products on the shelf and also focuses on security issues. It turns out that this package moves quickly from the retailer's shelves and is very easy to open to end users/customers.

IML Packaging offers a variety of advantages that are forcing more and more food manufacturers to choose this latest technology. The molding system is very flexible and can be used for many years. It is very easy to re-upgrade and upgrade the packaging mold. The latest IML technology offers new package designs at the lowest cost compared to any traditional model. All injection molds, molding machines and IML automation systems are flexible enough to accommodate any type of design. This latest technology provides quality standards to food manufacturers at the most competitive prices.

Undoubtedly, almost all food manufacturers choose IML packaging for all types of ice cream containers, butter containers, yogurt containers, jam containers, cheese containers, food containers, because the technology guarantees safety standards and excellent quality. This latest technology provides a highly innovative packaging design. After using the IML packaging solution, all food manufacturers saw an increase in their food shelf life. Even their sales charts show considerable growth!
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